My Goals :) I choose to be…

The results I choose to create are as goes: * I choose to be the pre-dominant creative force in my own life ,I choose  to be an excellent cooker and a splendid  baker,   I choose to be a professional writer, and a master  creator in the art world, I choose to be an interior designer , and I choose to focus on my vision  that could see beyond “the box” and be a creative being.

My Hobbies

I love to be flexible at

What I truly like to do. I

Enjoy music because I can

Express my-self and show

My talents. For instance, in music

I like researching lyrics and the

Bands or its backgrounds and

History.I not only like to listen to it                                     

But , dance, write, compose, act

Sing, and designing/drawing. I

Am not only into the Arts world but

I love all the subjects and teachings

I’ve learn in school. My favorite

Thing to do and will always keep on doing

Is learning something new or reviewing

What I learned in life. One big message is

To always be yourself!!!



What is Science? “Science is the knowledge

Science Rocks web

Of  life,” Mr. Wilson will state. I remember

Since the time I was a little girl I experimented

With science and it has always been a fun

Subject. In science class, we will do fun projects

Like the protons model or even the microscopic

“e” experiment in Biology. Also, you
learn and

science -explore the possibilitiessmall_earthUse  math, english, life skills and more. You
Are right Mr.Wilson, Science is the knowledge

Of life!

Social Studies is a history preview!

In memory of all my teachers, I have  learn the true meaning of history and best yet is that  it is us humans that leave our lives prints marked down here on earth forever. Hooray! Every moment of our lives is significant ,each unique and loved  and that is why when we leave this earth and wonderful planet we mark our own history.all people in one worldmother and children in the great depression  IECSSHomepage

Reading is fun!

 Anpao means “The Sun Gods son”, it is a story about how this world was created and how anpao was not just any human being. Here on earth there was the most beautiful girl named Kokomikeis, whom every boy wanted to marry her the only problem was that she rejected everybody because she was married to the Sun. The most poor man in the village Anpao was the one whom she wanted to marry but for that Anpao had to go through his longest journey and face a lot of obstacles and challenges with and with out his twin brother Oapna. Read more about it and find out if Anpao accomplishes his journey to his father the sun or gets eaten by the wicked moon.

A life blog from an Iraqi teenage girl

This is an extraordinary diary that is very different than others I have read because it was published from blogs just like this one. This diary is about an Iraqi teenage girl who lived through complex times, a true live  tragedy nightmare, the war of Iraq. We have to wake up and see the world around us, because war means no good but the contrary (from her point of view and a strong voice for others).