Reading is fun!

¬†Anpao means “The Sun Gods son”, it is a story about how this world was created and how anpao was not just any human being. Here on earth there was the most beautiful girl named Kokomikeis, whom every boy wanted to marry her the only problem was that she rejected everybody because she was married to the Sun. The most poor man in the village Anpao was the one whom she wanted to marry but for that Anpao had to go through his longest journey and face a lot of obstacles and challenges with and with out his twin brother Oapna. Read more about it and find out if Anpao accomplishes his journey to his father the sun or gets eaten by the wicked moon.

A life blog from an Iraqi teenage girl

This is an extraordinary diary that is very different than others I have read because it was published from blogs just like this one. This diary is about an Iraqi teenage girl who lived through complex times, a true live  tragedy nightmare, the war of Iraq. We have to wake up and see the world around us, because war means no good but the contrary (from her point of view and a strong voice for others).