My Hobbies

I love to be flexible at

What I truly like to do. I

Enjoy music because I can

Express my-self and show

My talents. For instance, in music

I like researching lyrics and the

Bands or its backgrounds and

History.I not only like to listen to it                                     

But , dance, write, compose, act

Sing, and designing/drawing. I

Am not only into the Arts world but

I love all the subjects and teachings

I’ve learn in school. My favorite

Thing to do and will always keep on doing

Is learning something new or reviewing

What I learned in life. One big message is

To always be yourself!!!



What is Science? “Science is the knowledge

Science Rocks web

Of  life,” Mr. Wilson will state. I remember

Since the time I was a little girl I experimented

With science and it has always been a fun

Subject. In science class, we will do fun projects

Like the protons model or even the microscopic

“e” experiment in Biology. Also, you
learn and

science -explore the possibilitiessmall_earthUse  math, english, life skills and more. You
Are right Mr.Wilson, Science is the knowledge

Of life!