Music Expressess The Soul and Heart Beat!

What is better than jabbering is, when the music communicates with the spirit with in and its heart beat makes the body talk. musichealth.JPG


My Hobbies

I love to be flexible at

What I truly like to do. I

Enjoy music because I can

Express my-self and show

My talents. For instance, in music

I like researching lyrics and the

Bands or its backgrounds and

History.I not only like to listen to it                                     

But , dance, write, compose, act

Sing, and designing/drawing. I

Am not only into the Arts world but

I love all the subjects and teachings

I’ve learn in school. My favorite

Thing to do and will always keep on doing

Is learning something new or reviewing

What I learned in life. One big message is

To always be yourself!!!



What is Science? “Science is the knowledge

Science Rocks web

Of  life,” Mr. Wilson will state. I remember

Since the time I was a little girl I experimented

With science and it has always been a fun

Subject. In science class, we will do fun projects

Like the protons model or even the microscopic

“e” experiment in Biology. Also, you
learn and

science -explore the possibilitiessmall_earthUse  math, english, life skills and more. You
Are right Mr.Wilson, Science is the knowledge

Of life!